In Memoriam

Edward J.R. Jackman, 1940-2021

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of our dear colleague and friend, the Rev. Edward J.R. Jackman, on June 18, 2021. “Father Ed,” as he was known to many, was a founding member of the CFEB/ACEB, serving as Secretary-Treasurer from our first Board meeting in 1996 to the present. His leadership and generosity were a gift and guiding light. May he rest in peace.

Find Father Ed’s obituary here.


CFEB Scholarships at the École

Michael Johnson, one of the CFEB scholarship winners in 2020, is spending the current academic year as a post-doctoral student at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is a graduate of McMaster University in Hamilton, ON. Michael has used his scholarship to expand his work in Jersualem to study at the École during February and March 2021. Michael’s research looks at the liturgical orientations of two overlapping collections of psalms of thanksgiving and praise from the Dead Sea Scrolls: 1QHodayota and 4QHodayota. His work at the École was recently featured in an article posted on the École website (click here to view).


Meeting of the CFEB Board with Fr. Jean Jacques Pérennès

Click here to access the write-up from the visit of Father Jean-Jacques Pérennès with the CFEB Board in December, 2019.


Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The CFEB sponsored an event on November 15, 2017 entitled “The École Biblique and the Dead Sea Scrolls: 70 Years Later.” The event was held at the Toronto School of Theology, with nearly 50 scholars, students and friends attending.

Eileen Schuller spoke about the role of several scholars from the École Biblique in the archaeological discoveries and the scholarly work on the Scrolls. Board member Jean Duhaime spoke on his experience of graduate studies at the École, including work on the Scrolls. Jean later returned to the École to teach in the late 1980s and in 2001-2002. Father Olivier-Thomas Venard, Deputy Director of the École Biblique and Executive Director of the Research Program The Bible in its Traditions, spoke about the work of the École today and what is planned for the future.


The Dead Sea Scrolls and the École Biblique

Reminiscences of the École by a Student of the Scrolls

Chat with Canadian Friends of the School

Fr. Philippe LeBlanc pioneered the Dominican presence at the UN in Geneva

Fr. Philippe LeBlanc, a member of the Dominican Order in Canada, died peacefully in the company of his community, family and friends on Saturday, December 30, 2017. He was a founding member of the Canadian Friends of the École Biblique. A brief look at Fr. LeBlanc’s work in establishing the Dominican presence at the UN can be found in this article.